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Feel tension melt and stress fall away

Wellness in Dahab

Dahab and the Sinai Desert seem at times to have been created for the practice of wellbeing and spiritual realization. The serene desert landscapes, peaceful coastline and pure tranquility are the primary elements which make Dahab and the Sinai the perfect host for wellness holidays.
Relax… Let your cares drift away as you melt into the massage table. Still and calm your mind, stretch and tone your body whilst overlooking the ocean from the rooftop Yoga Studio.

Wellness in Dahab - Massage


Our massage studio is located in the heart of the hotel with a spectacular view and a natural breeze flowing through which creates a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere, just perfect for de-stressing. All our masseuses are professionally qualified with experience in various types of massage therapy.Read more

Wellness in Dahab - Zumba


It’s easy to let travel derail your workout routine, but at Coral Coast exercise can be part of your holiday. It won’t ruin the fun, in fact, it might make your trip even more enjoyable. Whether you wish to join a drop in class to continue your fitness routine or arrange a tailored program to kick start your life change, check out our different fitness programs in Dahab to help you stay fit and healthy while traveling.
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Wellness in Dahab - Yoga


Yoga gently works your body, relaxing the tension within the muscles and uses specific breathing techniques to focus the mind and bring a feeling of stillness and calm. Coral Coast Hotel provides an excellent platform for practicing yoga while taking in the stunning views of the Red Sea Coast.
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Wellness in Dahab - Meditation


The natural setting of Coral Coast is the idyllic atmosphere for meditation, with it’s the tranquility and inspiring views.
Our daily early morning meditation sessions are designed to give you the opportunity to practice the art of meditation and the opportunity for self – contemplation.
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Wellness in Dahab - Detox


A detoxification can be a remarkable medium for personal transformation and a kick start to improving your lifestyle & diet.
Coral Coast Detox retreat brings you to the holistic haven of Dahab, where you will start to rid your body of toxins with yoga & meditation, exercise, detoxifying holistic treatments & a planned nutritional diet.
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Wellness Activities in the Beach of Coral Coast Hotel

Wellness Blog

Choose from daily in-house massage and yoga and a range of wellness programs which we run throughout the year.
Check our Wellness blog for full details of our scheduled wellness programs and workshops.
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Wellness at Coral Coast Hotel

Renowned for providing Yoga & Wellness Holidays in Dahab, Coral Coast Hotel enjoys international & local fame for providing the perfect location and wellness facilities.

WELLNESS FACILITIES: Complete with an air conditioned Roof Top Studio & Massage Suite, all your Wellness needs is catered for under one roof.

THE BEACH: The stunning natural environment of our beach front Hotel in Dahab is mother earth’s gift that creates the perfect setting for a unique healthy holiday and is ideal for combining yoga practice & meditation.

WELLNESS PROGRAMS: Our Wellness programs are designed to encourage you to stop, listen and move in the wide open spaces Dahab has to offer which in turn will allow you to benefit both mentally and physically.

WELLNESS PROFESSIONALS: The Wellness activities & Retreats at Coral Coast Hotel, are led by qualified Local & International therapists and instructors who will take you beyond a rudimentary level of understanding and practice of Yoga, Meditation & Fitness.

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