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Tarot Storytelling Workshop

January 29, 2017/Coral Coast Hotel

Join us for this intensive workshop on Friday 3rd Feb, with Zeinab.

Through the Tarot~Storytelling workshop, you will learn some of the possible meanings of the cards and most importantly, I will show you some tricks that can help you step beyond what the book says; to trust and go with your first intuition. As well as how to unfold the story of your querent {Tarot seeker} in a grounded and graceful way, acknowledging their own wisdom and their unlimited creative power through fun games and simple self-created rituals. And then by the end of the evening, after warming up, if time allows, we will be reading the cards for each other!

It’s a really fun process and it’s even more enjoyable when we step into that glorious and wonderful state of presence and start reading the cards from our hearts for each other and hopefully later on for your friends, family, strangers and most of all for yourself! As Tarot reading can be a nice and powerful way of re-centering and checking-in, bringing perspective and clarity into our daily lives and the lives of the ones we love.

✬ The workshop is pretty intensive; it is for both beginners and practitioners.

✬ You don’t need to have a Tarot deck to attend the workshop. However, if you do, I recommend that you put your cards in order so that you can relate to them while we go through the traditional Rider Waite Tarot deck.

About {Zeinab}:

I’ve been reading the cards for almost 12 years now; online and in~person in private and in organized events; from house parties to big festivals. I held many Tarot related workshops in Egypt and in Germany. I am currently almost done with creating and writing the story of the Magical Reality {حلم ولّا علم} Egyptian Folklore Tarot deck. I also co-created the “Tarot for Social Transformation” deck with my partner Jay Cousins along many other artists from around the world.

Workshop Details:

Date: Friday, February the 3rd
Time: From 2:00 till 8:00 PM
Place: @ Coral Coast Hotel
Duration: 6 hours
Cost: 200 L.E
{Cost includes:
– a PDF copy of the workshop manual book
– as well as a PDF of the pictures of the Rider Waite Tarot cards in case you would like to print them and create your own practice deck.
These two files will all be sent to all the participants by email.}

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