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Ladies Night

Calling out to all Dahab’s Ladies, come and join us for an evening get to together at Coral Coast. There are so many wonderful ladies in Dahab doing great things so our idea is to
Here is the line up for the evening:

  • Drinks & Refreshments
  • Christmas Bazaar – crafts, quality goods for re-sale, jewellery and much more!
  • Jade Massage Bed FREE 20 mins sessions
  • Meditation with Sara
  • Crafts for KIDS with Lucy*
  • Sudanese treatment tasters & Henna Tatoo

** Do you have some things you wish to sell or showcase? Please get in touch and we can allocate a space for you.
** Tables are available for quality unwanted items for re-sale. Please ensure all items are priced.
** If you bake cakes etc & would like to sell your products contact us to reserve your table
** Bring your children along to join the Kiddie Craft activity whilst you enjoy the evening socializing. Please let us know in advance.

Set-Up Time will start at 15:00hrs in the Rooftop Studio

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  • kasia / January 14, 2016 /

    Lovely article in local magazine about our Ladies Night….

    “Dahab, as a special community where life has a different feel to Sharm’s life, has suffered even more markedly the decrease in tourism over the past few years. However, Coral Coast Hotel organized a Ladies Night to lift the spirits of women there. The night included an opening meditation session to celebrate being together, drinks and refreshments. Therapies women got to try included Sudanese henna Tattoo and hand scrub, and sessions of a new treatment called the Jade Thermal Massage. There was also a bazaar where the talented chefs, craftswomen and makers of Dahab could also show off their creations. Craft activities for children meant that mothers could just enjoy socialising.”

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