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Get fit in the sun

Fitness in Dahab

When it comes to the health and well-being of their guests, Coral Coast Hotel is well ahead of the curve.
Promoting wellness, a healthy attitude and lifestyle is on par with our hotel core philosophy. From healthy and nutritionally loaded menus in our restaurant and a variety of fitness classes & activities available daily, our guests can relax, revitalize and stay healthy throughout their visit.
Alternatively, why not kick start your Fitness routine by joining one of our weekend or week long programs, where you will receive a tailored program to suit your requirements and be guided by our host of professional & experience teachers & therapists.

It’s easy to let travel derail your fitness routine, but at Coral Coast Hotel in Dahab, exercise can be part of your holiday.
It won’t ruin the fun, in fact, it might make your trip even more enjoyable.
Check out our different fitness classes & workshops in Dahab to help you stay fit and healthy while traveling.

Our Active Holidays in Dahab, have been created by experts in Sport & Culture in Egypt, Embah Safari Tours & Travel, active holiday and are full of fun & adventure. Dahab is the perfect environment for getting outside and burning those calories, getting your adrenaline going and maintaining your fitness regime while on the holiday.

To know what classes are running each week in our yoga studio, have a look at our Weekly Wellness Schedule that include different disciplines of yoga, qi gong, zumba, stretching and even body sculpt.

Weekly Fitness Classes

Body sulpt in Dahab

Body Sculpt

Body Sculpt classes that tone and sculpt your entire body with a mix of cardio and strength exercises, using weights and resistance bands. Heart pumping and calorie blasting exercises will keep your workout fun and effective.

Fitness program - qi gong

Qi Gong

The ancient Chinese practice of Qi Gong is a gentle and slow exercise, with graceful, flowing movements, where you will achieve a feeling of calm vitality and inner peace. Sessions are taken on the beach or the Yoga Addah where the natural energy aids practice.

Stretching with Regina


Stretching is a vital part of any exercise routine as it gives your muscles the ability to lenghten,to expand and restore.

Our Fitness Instructors

Sherihan El Gammal or simply Sherry, is a dedicated Fitness Teacher for both adults & kids. As a mother of 2 wonderful boys, she has been practicing all kind of sports since childhood and coming from a very sportive family, her Dad was the manager of the Int’l Cairo Stadium & she grew up being a part of most of sports events in Egypt as a translator and guide for sports teams, her love of all things sport, became a life style. Sheri, firmly believes that Dance Fitness is great for everyone, whether you are young or old, fit or not fit, slim or over weight, healthy or even with disabilities. The uplifting class of Dancing your way to weight loss and body toning, Dance Fitness is the most beautiful thing you can do for yourself, the results are just amazing and once the endorphins take over you’ll just want more.

Regina is a Russian fitness instructor with years of experience in the sports field. Growing up surrounded by sportsmen & women, her life so far has been dedicated to all things sportive & wellness. Regina studied as a physical training teacher and qualified with a Master of Sports degree, while competing in various sporting events & competitions in Russia. Upon completing her studies she furthered her studies and specialized as a personal trainer & fitness group instructor. Her belief is sport & fitness are part of life and overall wellbeing is essential to a healthy life and healthy heart. Regina came to Egypt a few years ago and has since then developed class programs suitable for beginner and intermediate levels of fitness. Her group classes are powerful workouts that see outstanding results in body shape and health within a few weeks. Private personal training with Regina, is a motivational gift with an life changing results over a period of time.

Regina Fitness

Ursula has been living in Dahab for many years and over this time and cultivated an amazing passion for mental & physical wellbeing. A qualified Yixue Lotus Qi Gong instructor as well as a Hatha Yoga teacher and a budding artists with a degree in Art Therapy, Ursula’s session are more than just a practice. With an indepth perception for each individual’s requirements from her sessions, joining her Gi Gong classes is the perfect session for self absorption, looking inwards and listening to your inner voice. Self expression is key with Ursula’s work and freedom of beach & studio sessions allows for each individual to let go and focus on movement.

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