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The Philosophy Behind Coral Coast Hotel

Our hotel is locally owned by a prestigious Bedouin Sheikh and his family, built on lands belonging to their ancestors. Lease fees are introduced directly into the local community and distributed between family members.

By avoiding major hotel chains whose profits disappear out of the country, opting for locally owed hotels, such as Coral Coast Hotel for your holiday ensures that the money you pay benefits the local economy.

Local Staff

We are proud to state that the vast majority of our staff are local, originating from the mainland Egypt or the Sinai Peninsula.

We provide in-house training to all new members of staff, encouraging inexperienced locals by offering an opportunity to start a career in the hospitality or dive industry.

Our local drivers are all fully licensed and and work under strict guidelines in accordance with International standards.

Fresh Produce

All fresh produce is dispatched to Sinai from the Delta in mainland Egypt.

We do however support and encourage a local Bedouin farmers who have cultivated arid desert land to produce various fruits and vegetables.

Although stock is not ample enough to sustain many tourism resorts, the crops are purely organic and grown from seed using natural spring water.

Eco Tourism

Sustainability is a main ethos in how we work at Coral Coast and we are proud to be involved in a local NGO association supporting the needs of the local community. We support local initiatives and have created conservation projects together with many associations including the National Parks of Egypt.

We are also dedicated to providing training courses & awareness workshops and are part of the Desert Eco Guide Training courses introduced to Sinai by The Travel Foundation.


Throughout the Resort we display and sell locally produced items and crafts ranging from beauty products, beaded embroidery and art work. Guests are conscious of these economical aspects and have the choice to pay that little extra for something hand made as opposed to an imported alternative.

While on safari in remote areas we explain to our guests that purchasing local crafts from the women and children creates a certain independence and pride, providing a direct income for a whole family. By creating this income families have the choice to continue residing in the desert plain as opposed to many who must relocate to the resort towns to earn a living.

Reef Conservation

Divers are given a Reef Awareness briefing prior to diving, introducing them to the fragile environment which is the Red Sea. We follow strict guidelines outlines by the National Parks of Egypt and SSDM on marine conservation and diver conduct.

Fantasea Divers has developed a Reef Watch programme on our house reef where continuous research is recorded and monitored by our divers. Guests have the opportunity to work on the programme as a normal guided dive, with data collected fed into our database.


Dahab was originally a small Bedouin fishing village and gradually became a haven for laid back travelers & divers.

Whilst the growing village has evolved into an internationally tourism destination, at Coral Coast we retain all that makes Dahab unique.

The local Bedouin culture is still predominant with camels strolling along the beach front, chillin Bedouin drinking tea our Bedouin tent and the aesthetics of The Hotel and grounds are in harmony with the surrounding nature.

We use locally inspired decoration, keep rooms simple and serve local cuisine to ensure that guests really get a feel for “Dahab” when they stay with us.

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