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2 Days Healing Power Retreat in St Catherine’s

October 26, 2016/Special Offers

18th & 19th November 2016

2 Days Healing Power Retreat in St Catherine’s

In sync with World Peace Day, this November our Healing Retreat in St Catherine’s, “One With Earth” embraces the connection between our human body chakra’s and the earth’s chakra’s, with particular focus of the throat chakra.

Mt Sinai a unique sacred place

The earth’s throat chakra center is geometrically located Mt Sinai, in St Catherine’s Egypt, unique among the earth’s sacred centers for it’s role in enabling the earth’s voice to emerge. For all of the earth chakras, the art of listening to the will of the Earth is something which needs to be mastered. Humans will never harmonise with the purpose of life until they learn to hear and respect the voice of the Earth spirit.

Rising out of the arid desert, Mt Sinai thrusts up through a sea of millions of year old rock, soaring to a height of 2285m above sea level. Such rock symbolizes humanities spiritual yearnings and encourages personal growth even on a subconscious level. Fissures within the mountain rock are studded with smokey quartz, chalcedony, turquoise & quartz, some saying that it is these powerful crystal components that radiate such a positive energy in the region.

St Catherine’s is not only powerful in it’s energy levels, but also in it’s historical peace keeping influences and it’s unique factor of embracing all three of the words greatest faiths, something that is still in the air to this day.

Healing Retreat in St Catherine

Our Healing Retreats in St Catherine’s are led by the impassioned Sylvie Caron, an experienced and extremely knowledgeable healer, who uses her array of therapies which include Reiki, Crystal Healing, Chakra cleansing & meditation to restore balance and reactivate energies.

“One With Earth” is a 2 Day Healing Retreat in St Catherine’s starting from Dahab or directly in St Catherine’s with a visit to the Monastery, to ground your presence in this precious place of worship. A conscious walk through Wadi Arbaeen, allows you to enter into this magical land with a peaceful rhythm, emptying your mind of every day stresses and absorb the surrounding natural beauty of the valley. Once arrived at our retreat camp you will have a short orientation of the facilities and meet our Bedouin hosts with plentiful cups of herbal teas, indigenous of the St Catherine’s region.

To commence the retreat we share a lecture on Human & World Chakra’s, Aura & Energy and the importance of activating the Throat Chakra, fundamental in communication, using the air element of Sinai. We will discover the world’s chakras symbioses with human chakras; what it is, Why we do it and how we can do it!

Our first day goes on to encompass guided meditation to reach your source through chakra identification and aura observation in a group attunement giving gifts from the universe!
Now that we have initiated the opening of certain key chakra’s & identified the aura, we take things a step further with an oriental dance movement and sound healing session, to ground your aura to the earth source.

A light lunch and dinner cooked on the open fire are scheduled throughout the day, giving you plenty of time to process your ensuing your emotional & spiritual awakening. After dinner and under the stars Sylvie will encourage a group discussion allowing you to open up and share your experience, exchange of energy and ask any questions of your days sessions.

Our overnight sleeping arrangements consists of a communal tent with mattresses and sleeping bags freshly laundered for your use. The retreat camp also hosts a kitchen / restaurant area and shared WC.
For those who wish to take this retreat to a higher level, a walk up Mt Sinai is arranged for a 2am departure from camp. We walk for approximately 2hrs to reach the plateau of Elias Garden, the perfect resting place before taking the 720 steps of repentance to the summit of Mt Sinai. Once on the top of the world and at the site where Moses received The Ten Commandments, you will watch the sunrise of the mountain ranges of South Sinai, a truly magnificent sight.

We will all convene back at camp for a short morning meditation before enjoying a hearty breakfast of freshly baked Bedouin bread, natural honey from the bee farms of St Catherine’s, fresh eggs from the Bedouin women’s family chickens to name a few of the local delicacies of the region.
Today we focus on Self Meditation with sound healing therapy to explore your inner space and auric field, to truly identify & recognize your own personal frequency. We take all these techniques and use them in a personal improvisation session where you will meditate or use movement to engage in your own experience.

To complete this Healing Retreat, we come together as a group for a grounding circle of healing and exchange of energy.

A short trek down through Wadi Arbaeen to return to the village, lets you reconnect, a passage from your inner world, back to join the outer world of our every day lives.

Program Outline

07:00 Depart Dahab
Drive 170km to St Catherine’s Village, expected arrival in St Catherine’s 9am.
09:00 Visit St Catherine
Gather together at meeting point of St Catherine’s Monastery and take a visit through the church, gardens and grounds of the Monastery.
10:30 Wadi Arbaeen
Short drive to the entrance of Wadi Arbaeen, which lies at the foot of Mt Sinai, and start a Conscious Trek into Wadi Arabeen to feel the energy & ambience of the valley and reach camp. Upon arrival we will give you a short orientation of the valley with local Bedouin host.
12:00 Lecture
Lecture about Chakras, Aura, Energy and especially about the World Chakras; throat Chakra and the Air element in all Sinai and more.
13:00 Lunch
Light lunch of fresh salad & fruit, freshly baked bread.
14:30 Guided Meditation
Guided meditation to reach the Source, feel and experience the Chakras and Aura combine with a group attunement, with also gifts from the Universe…relaxation
17:00 Open the Chakras
How to ground the Aura from the Source to the Earth with basic oriental movement. How to ground with the Earth with sound healing
19:30 Dinner
Freshly prepared and cooked over the open fire. Evening under the stars for group discussion.
02:00 Climb up Mt Sinai for Sunrise
Starting at Wadi Arabeen we are already pat of the way towards the Mountain. App 2 hrs climb to reach the summit with rest time at Elias Garden, just before the 720 steps of repentance.
08:00 Short Meditation / Breakfast
Return to camp – Short Meditation – Breakfast with whole group. After breakfast rest / relaxation.
10:00 Self Meditation
Self meditation to feel the throat Chakra as the others to experience this new beginning with sound healing. Explore your inner space and the Auric fields
11:00 Personal Improvisation
Personal improvisation about the different technique showed above.
Impression of the day & final breathing.
13:00 Lunch & Mediation
Light lunch of fresh salad & fruit, freshly baked bread.
14:30 Grounding Group Session
Group healing (exchange healing energy) practicing solfege with chakras and experiment Sufi dance.
15:00 Lecture; change of vibration
16:00 Final Relaxation
17:00 Trek out of Wadi Arbaeen
18:00-19:00 Return journey to Dahab, arrival in Dahab app 9pm.
* Note : at any time you can request for consultation, energy healing or just have talk.

Cost for 2 Days Retreat – 1800le per person


  • Return Transportation (Dahab-St Catherine’s)
  • Local Guides in St Catherine’s & Mt Sinai
  • Communal Overnight Camp in Wadi Arbaeen (FB vegetarian)
  • All lectures & Sessions by Sylvie as outlined above
  • Visits to St Monastery & Mt Sinai
  • Entrances fees, Bedouin Fees & Permissions


  • Any personal expenses
  • Tipping / gratuities

What to bring

  • Personal items including toiletries, towel etc
  • Warm jacket or blanket for evening round the fire
  • Clothing for covering during visit to Monastery
  • Walking shoes
  • Sleeping bag if possible (sleeping bags can be rented locally with prior notice)
  • Day bag for carrying water etc during wadi trek & mountain climb
  • Some money for purchasing local crafts from local Bedouin women or reference material from the Monastery gift shop.

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