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Free Diving Master Class with Sara Campbell

January 24, 2018/Coral Coast Hotel

This new Free Diving Masterclass with Sara Campbell, includes a one-month preparation programme prior to arrival, consultation with Sara in Dahab, ten-days of yoga & meditation and coaching sessions. The Masterclass is being held in Dahab directly before the first RedCCup competition (27-31 May) and is therefore also an ideal training ground to prepare competitors, or fine-tune your deep equalization and relaxation for performance diving. Students are expected to participate fully in all elements of the programme.

Our integrated, supportive approach goes beyond other coaching and training programmes, giving students a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in our pioneering Yoga for Freediving concept, focusing on relaxation, mental training and freediving as a tool for greater personal and spiritual awareness under personalised guidance, coaching and support before, during and after, from one of the world’s leading freediving and spiritual coaches.

This Masterclass, designed by Sara based on her own amazing career in deep diving, and her years of coaching hundreds of freedivers, from beginners to top athletes, offers students intimate class sizes (maximum 12 students), the latest in both scientific and spiritual approaches, and world-class tuition.

Coral Coast Hotel is our wonderful Masterclass host and home, both for our theory, meditation, yoga and pranayama sessions, which will take place in the beautiful yoga room, and as our recommended accommodation for the programme. We are pleased to offer our students an exclusive Masterclass discounted B&B rate at this beautiful, friendly sea-front hotel. You are of course welcome to arrange your own accommodation elsewhere.

As one of the cornerstones of the Discover Your Depths approach is relaxation and recovery you will find we have built in a few essential days off, and included a full-body massage for you within the programme to really help you switch off and possibly to deal with any aches and pains you may have.

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