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Coral Coast Hotel is the perfect venue in Dahab for workshops & courses within our dedicated rooftop studio. Throughout the year we have various Wellness Workshops, Yoga Teacher Training Courses, Reiki Courses by our in house teachers & therapist and also from guest trainers. If you wish to join a scheduled workshop event or course check out our calendar for all our up & coming events in Dahab. It is also possible to rent the studio for your own events and bring your own groups, Coral Coast Hotel in Dahab is the ideal venue for a multitude of activities.
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October 26, 2016/Special Offers/0 Comments
One with Earth

18th & 19th November 20162 Days Healing Power Retreat in St Catherine’s In sync with World Peace Day, this November our Healing Retreat in St Catherine’s, “One With Earth” embraces the connection between our human body chakra’s and the earth’s chakra’s, with particular focus of the throat chakra. Mt Sinai…

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