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Wellness Weekends

Are you In need of an escape? Are you looking to start your own personal journey of change? If the answer is yes, the perfect solution is waiting for you in the coastal town of Dahab. To assist you in your wellness journey we have compiled 3 Wellness Weekend programs: Yoga, Detox & Fitness designed to help you kick bad habits and make healthy lifestyle choices.

Each of our retreats guarantees to have something for anyone looking to make positive changes in their life. During your chosen weekend retreat our dedicated team will present you with the tools you need to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. You only have one body and here we give you the opportunity to love & cherish it.
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One Week Yoga Holiday – 29 December

December 6, 2016/Coral Coast Hotel/0 Comments
Coral Coast Hotel - Yoga at the beach

Start the New Year with a One Week Yoga Holiday in Dahab, with teachings twice daily in Coral Coasts atmospheric yoga salah (set on the on rooftop overlooking the mountains of Saudi Arabia), our program is a suitable for people at with all levels of experience.

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2 Days Healing Power Retreat in St Catherine’s

October 26, 2016/Special Offers/0 Comments
One with Earth

18th & 19th November 20162 Days Healing Power Retreat in St Catherine’s In sync with World Peace Day, this November our Healing Retreat in St Catherine’s, “One With Earth” embraces the connection between our human body chakra’s and the earth’s chakra’s, with particular focus of the throat chakra. Mt Sinai…

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