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Adventure Holiday in Dahab!

Explore Dahab’s Wadis & Canyons in & around the surrounding areas of the beautiful Sinai with us. Our local ground agent and sister company Embah Safari Tours & Travel offers an exciting range of Adventure Activities as well as offering friendly & knowledgeable Guided Desert & City Excursions. You will not only collect memories that you will treasure for a lifetime, but enjoy the warm welcome of the Egyptian & Bedouin people that you meet.

Adventure Activities

From sand boarding the desert dunes to kite surfing across the windy red sea, we have activities to suit every adrenalin fanatic.

Try out one of the many half & full day activities in Dahab that that take place every day. We offer a wide range of high paced adventure activities and leisurely day trips in Dahab, allowing you to explore the surrounding region both along the coast of within the desert interior.

Whether it’s the thrill of quad biking through the Sinai mountains at high speeds, or riding a horse down the beautiful coastline, we can get you out there anytime that suits you.

Desert Safaris

By foot, camel, jeep, or all three, get off the beaten track and explore the fantastic desert, mountains and coast of Dahab and beyond. Meet the Bedouin and experience desert culture, history and way of life. Take the opportunity to spend a night under the stars in true Bedouin camping fashion, learning about the local people and getting involved in the desert dwelling lifestyle.

Visit the surrounding canyons, explore inside to see these natural formations, and discover the pockets of life within the surrounding oasis sites.

Trek up Mount Sinai or Mount Matamir to enjoy the stunning panoramic views. Make your way to the Frozen Dinosaur and the Forest of Pillars to see these geological formations or try your hand at sand boarding down the largest dunes of Sinai. Why not take a high-speed adventure into the desert with one of our specialist drivers, where you will enjoy an adrenalin fuelled ride up and down the sand dunes, stopping at various sites along the way, from the Oasis of Ein Khudra to the Plateau of Nawamis and the Bronze Age Tombs. Get out of your comfort zone and venture into the unknown and marvel at this amazing landscape in all its rugged beauty.

City Excursions

Discover the rich cultures of Egypt and beyond, from Museums, bustling cities & bazaars, to fascinating temples from this ancient world.

We have a great selection of cultural tours ranging from a single day to 3-4 days excursions. Visit the great ‘Giza Pyramids’ in Cairo and venture inside the tombs, learn about the techniques used to create these incredible architectural feats and how these unique structures act as a beacon for Egypt and its people to this very day.
Take a journey to Upper Egypt and the ancient ‘City of Thebes’, visit palaces and temples and see the stunning architecture that is abundant throughout the region.

Visit the famous ‘Valley of the Kings’, walking inside these ancient tombs learning about everything from their previous inhabitants to the incredible excavation process that is continually taking place in the area. Delve further and venture to ‘Abu Simbel’, the site of the stunning High Dam & the many Nubian Monuments along Lake Nasser.

Just a short sail across the Gulf of Aqaba will take you to the ‘Rose City of Petra’ where you can explore the desert city on foot or by donkey.

Journey over to ‘Bethlehem’ and visit the recorded birthplace of Jesus Christ, this biblical region is teaming with historical sites including the sensational ‘Dead Sea’.

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